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MobiReef is brand new edutainment activity for your client: a unique turnkey underwater snorkel trail. Your customer will enjoy watching fishes and marine animal from your hotel seashore. Distinguish your offer with MobiReef, a new eco-friendly animation for your Resort Chain, and challenge responsible management of natural resources. snorkel trail, luxury hostel, luxury hotel, snorkel trail for luxury hotel, edutainment, differentiating activity, sea water activity, eco-tourism, recreational activities, bio-mimicry, eco-design, micro-habitats, educational snorkel trail, snorkeling, turnkey snorkel trail, biodiversity enhancement, green label

“SME and Biodiversity” 2016 Award
by the French Environment Ministry

Certified by the
Sea Cluster label in 2016

Co-author of "Ecological restoration of
fish nurseries in shallow coastal areas"

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