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What if you could turn your seafloor into the key attraction of your resort?
Admiring the sea view while enjoying a nice drink from the terrace is a must-have for customers of beach resorts. Unfortunately, it is not unique enough to make a difference.

The wonders of the sea are usually miles away from your venue, only accessible to the trained divers. They would leave beginners and non-swimmers at the shore. Give all your customers access to the underwater treasures without leaving the resort.

Enrich your seashore
We offer you to turn your not so special immediate underwater into a sea life haven. Fish and plants can blossom and thrive.

  • A new source of income
  • A key differentiating asset among sea-side resorts
  • An innovative attraction
  • A family-wide underwater safe and secured experience at your doorstep
  • Even non swimmers or kids can enjoy a real snorkeling experience
  • A marine edutainment aiming to green labels
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