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MobiReef French Development
The Team

Sven-Michel Lourié Sven-Michel Lourié
General manager

Water science engineer, involved in marine restoration for 30 years.

I have dived in the 5 oceans for coral fish restocking in worldwide projects such as United Nation Environmental Programs.

I crystallized my know how in marine ethology (animal behaviour) in designing specific buoys- habitats to enhance sealife biodiversity for those adapted snorkel trail.

Mathieu Richard Mathieu Richard
Technical manager

Artificial reef design and production.

I am fond of apnea to observe sea-life without disturbing it.

Through my golden fingers I built prototypes for underwater habitats

Géraldine Tézenas du Montcel Géraldine Tézenas du Montcel
Logistic executive

Skilled in export and administrative aspects.

I like to address new challenges in my every day life. I will bring all those habitats, beacons and platforms right direct to your Resort place.

Elodie Gasparin Elodie Gasparin
Projects leader

Engineer specialized in aquatic ecosystems, contributing to the ecological dimension of habitats designed.

My favourite hobby is to dive and convey my passion for marine life as a diving instructor.

I cultivate colorful seaweeds and seagrasses and when possible I will add them to the fishes habitats in your customized underwater path.


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